Office on Transformer Prime and LibreOffice for Android

In my view the ASUS Transformer Prime is the ideal alternative to a netbook or tablet. It is actually a tablet but although an netbook. However, you have to find an office solution to use the keydock reasonable.

LibreOffice for Android

There are some rumors going around in the world wide web, that LibreOffice will be ported to android till mid of summer 2012. I’ve done a little research to find a valid source to shed some light on that.

Actually the developers have already succeed in compiling LibreOffice for android and they are currently planning to port it. It is some kind of spin-off product from the improvement of the cross platform compile process. But they are willing to bring out a solution for android. However, the major issue is the very different UI. Hence there are no release dates or anything else. It is currently in an experimental state. But the developers recognized the need for an office solution on android.


But there are alternatives, as follows:


Not available via the Android  Market but preinstalled on the Transformer Prime

Quickoffice Pro HD

Average rating: 3.3 and 210 Votes
Available via the Andriod Market. Price 15.43 €
Full version:
The HD version ist optimized and only available for Tablets

OfficeSuite Professional 5

Average rating Trail Version 4.2 and 4,590 votes
Average rating Full Version 4.2 and 1,015 votes
Available via the Andriod Market. Price 7.46 €
Trail version:
Full version:

My Recommendation

Try the preinstalled polarisoffice first than have a look an the OfficeSuite Professional 5 and at last look at Quickoffice Pro HD. I also wait for LibreOffice for Android. In my vision could that become the best solution, because it would tightly cooperate with the desktop version …

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